Oblique intent

Why the name? Well criminal law afficionados will recognise the phrase 'oblique intent' as referring to a problem of mens rea:can a person who intends to do x (such as setting fire to a building to scare the occupants) also be said to have an intention to kill if one of the occupants dies? This is a problem that has consumed an inordinate amount of time in the appeal courts and in the legal journals, and can be taken to represent a certain kind of approach to legal theory. My approach is intended to be more oblique to this mainstream approach, and thus to raise different kinds of questions and issues. Hence the name.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

On Correct

Regular readers, if there is such a person, will recall that I have posted in the past about the blog 'Punishing Photography' and the exhibition 'The Gallows' that came out of that project. I am now pleased to say that a public exhibition of the photos has just opened in Glasgow. Called 'Correct', you can see it at the Briggait until 22nd March. Full details here: http://www.waspsstudios.org.uk/news-events/correct-exhibition-jenny-wicks

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